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Trainers Feedback

The Tamworth Jockey Club are always open and available to take feedback on the condition of the track and associated facilities and welcome feedback from all trainers.

The formal avenue for this feedback is through the Track and Grounds Committee of the Tamworth Jockey Club.

The Track and Grounds Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every 2nd month.

Members of the committee include:

  • Greg Birtles (Committee Chair)
  • Kim Powell (TJC Director)
  • Mal Hunt (Track Manager)
  • Leon Davies (on course trainer)
  • Sue Grills (on course trainer)
  • Craig Martin (on course trainer)
  • Leslie Jeffries (off course trainer)
  • Darren Jones (track rider)
  • Damon Sullivan (TJC GM)

We now have available a Trainer Feedback Form which you can complete and submit, or alternatively you are welcome to email your feedback which will come to the attention of the General Manager at